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Wink is a dashboard app with a smart basal body thermometer that transmits data of a women’s monthly cycle and her chance of avoiding or getting pregnant in real-time. The users are women who understand the importance of knowing their body and the influence of the environment on their menstrual cycle.

A student project, created as a part of my studies at create Role - Concept, UI design | 


Today, more and more women choose to avoid pills or anything else that works against their body's natural cycle (e.g., tampons, hygienic soaps).

When I wanted to get pregnant, I wanted to try naturally before everything else. Then I discovered the fertility awareness method. after using this method myself 


Helping women know their body better and finding the fertile window to avoid or get pregnant naturally.

How it works?

After using the thermometer first time in the morning 
Wink dashboard will automatically graph the temperatures in Chart view so the user can easily visualize her thermal shift the day after ovulation.

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FAM- Fertility Awareness Method

The fertility awareness method is a natural strategy that women can use to help conceive or prevent pregnancy.

It involves tracking natural cycle of fertility and menstrual cycle, developing a better awareness of your body, and using a variety of non-pharmaceutical methods to detect ovulation.

FAM is a way to predict high and low fertile times in women cycle. It is based on body signs, which change during each menstrual cycle in response to the hormones that cause ovulation (the release of an egg).

The length of the fertile window is a combination of how long sperm can live in the uterus (about 5 days) and the lifespan of an egg (12–24 hours).

my basal body temperature chart 


There are 3 simple indicators to detect women’s ovulation:


Recording basal body temperature (BBT)

after women ovulate her temperature can rises about 0.3–0.6 degrees Celsius. this rise in tells women that they have already ovulated, not when they are going to ovulate. However, tracking the day BBT rises from month to month can help women estimate when they might ovulate in the next cycle.


Tracking cycles

using a calendar or app

writing yourself the first day of menstruation is essential to know your cycle pattern


Monitoring cervical mucus

cervical mucus changes throughout the menstrual cycle in response to estrogen and progesterone and usually increases when a woman is approaching ovulation or is ovulating. An egg-white-like cervical mucus usually suggests that ovulation will occur soon or has occurred within the last day, whereas thicker, clumpy cervical mucus usually suggests women have already ovulated.

Sleep hours

The number of hours that women sleep affects the temperature of the BBT, so if it is not attached to the avg, the graph will ignore it...


While designing this dashboard app, I followed the most important indicators that influence the cycle and put them upfront and easy to communicate

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The mobile version required refitting the page as well as creating mobile-relevant components like swipe galleries and horizontal scrolling.

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